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Special SNS Event for Magia X Offical Version Launch!

Magia X, which received early access and received main banner exposure and positive reviews, was officially released today on Steam, the 

world's largest gaming platform.

[Magia X Play]

To celebrate this event, there are many events going on, so please participate. As this event is for game users, please cheer for Magia X's 

success  KOK.

#One event! "I got an iPad just by sharing Magia X!"

-Introduction to the event:

1. Please share the Magia X post uploaded on KOK's official SNS (Facebook, Instagram, Line, Twitter, Weibo, Piripiri, YouTube, etc.) on your SNS.

2. Capture the shared completion screen or copy the link to register through the Customer Center in the KOK PLAY app as "Subscription Title Form - [Participation in the Event]Magia X-ah" to complete the application!

- Event period: Thursday, 02/25~Thursday, March 11, 2021 (2 weeks)

Winner announcement: Tuesday, March 16th

-Event Products:

1st Place - iPad

2nd Place - 20,000 KOK Miles

3rd Place - 10,000 KOK Miles

All participants - 300 KOK Miles (10,000 first come first served)

This is not the end!
#Event Two! "Please share the story of Magia X!"
-Introduction to events
1. Please share the Magia Play video uploaded on KOK's official Instagram and Facebook at 4 p.m. every day with stories and posts on 
Instagram and Facebook.
2. Share your official SNS account post and participate!
(#MagiaX #MagiaX hashtag please) The more friends you tag, the more likely you are to win!)
-Event Period: 02/25~03/01/2021
- Winner Announcement: Presentation on official Instagram at 5 p.m. every day
Event Product:
We give 10,000 KOK mileage points to 3 winners every day.

[KOK Official SNS Shortcuts]
Official Twitter :
Official Youtube :
Official Instagram :
Official Facebook :
Official Weibo :
Official bilibili :

Depending on the response of this first event, we are planning on doing 

-Things to keep in mind for the event:
-When sharing a post, the steam link of Magia X must be included to participate in the event normally.
-KOK mileage payment will be made within 2 weeks after the end of the event.
-The more you share, the more likely you are to win the event.
-Please observe the form when you participate in the event.
-In the event participation comment, you have to write only the contents related to Magia X, not KOK PLAY.

Thank you and good luck! 

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