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KOK's Pays It Forward (Good Deeds)

Since the KOK Foundation's donation-sponsored feed was uploaded last month, a warm donation procession of KOK Frontiers has continued. There are about 30 members being led by Young Seok Cho, the Head of GP Group.

At the end of last month, they donated to 3 organizations, including the Mustard Community, a homeless volunteer group, and FRONT LINE NGO, an overseas missionary group, to promote KOK's "Pay It Forward" initiative.

There is a particularly touching story in this sponsorship. The GP Group decided not only to make a one-time contribution, but also to donate a percentage of its KOK profits over the next 60 years. Their continuous movement to create a warm social atmosphere will deliver light and hope to many people.

If you have any good news you would like to share with us in the future, please feel free to contact us through our customer service center.

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