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The Growing Popularity Of Metaverse and KOK PLAY

Metaverse, which has recently emerged as a global trend for teenagers, is drawing attention to promising next-generation online platforms such as games, game development engines, online payments, and platforms. As the representative runner, KOK PLAY was introduced to the media by Hong Jin-Myeong, owner of a very popular Naver blog.

Metaverse is a combination of virtual and universe, meaning a three-dimensional virtual world created by virtual and reality converge. The virtual world refers to a platform where individuals made of virtual characters online can engage in activities equivalent to daily life, such as consumption and work, beyond simple communication.

Global IT companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, and Facebook have responded quickly to the trend of the metaverse, and recently famous conglomerates such as Samsung, Naver, and Apple have announced their entry into the metaverse market. Experts predict that the fast-growing metaverse market will grow more than 30 times to about 1,700 trillion won by 2030.

KOK PLAY will be highly competitive to expand its current content into a more diverse collection that combines various metaverse technologies, including cross-over, which converts IP into other content.

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Metaverse is a transcendent virtual reality that combines reality with virtual reality. However, metaverse can be reborn as a new type of virtual reality service by converging with blockchain, the frontier of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Blockchain, widely known as cryptocurrency technology, means 'public money transaction book'. By sharing the same books, participants are characterized by preventing forgery and tampering, being transparent, and without intermediary intervention.

Korea's startup 'KOKPLAY' is a blockchain-based comprehensive digital content platform company. It is a company that aims to promote transparent settlement and win-win between platform-content producers and users by utilizing blockchain technology. It is currently conducting businesses such as games, media, entertainment, and shopping malls with the main focus of SuperAcid, which will develop the comprehensive entertainment company "Big Ocean enm" and pc game "Magia X". KOK PLAY users can purchase and enjoy various contents in the application with their own tokens that are not falsifiable. KOK PLAY's  Dream City VR is being developed with an ambitious goal of beta testing by 2022. Through Dream City VR, KOK PLAY aims to become a new platform that combines blockchain technology with the implementation of the metaverse world. The service will be provided in conjunction with "Hotel King" that can be enjoyed through the KOK PLAY app.

Hotel King, which is being serviced by KOK PLAY, earns cryptocurrency by managing the hotels in the game. The hotel that you purchased can be traded with 'KOK Token' its own cryptocurrency. The transaction history remains through blockchain and AI, so users cannot illegally trade. Hotel transactions in Hotel King are similar to real estate in the real world. The value varies depending on the hotel rating, and the revenue paid through hotel management varies. So it has real value like real estate.

KOK PLAY plans to give the hotel owner of Hotel King Game the right to buy My Room in Dream City first. Depending on the hotel rating you have, the value of the building in the virtual reality is applied differently. Virtual world real estate will have the same value as real-life real estate. However, the virtual reality that Dream City will implement is not limited to real estate transactions. In a private space implemented by VR, you can enjoy various contents provided by KOK PLAY. Content produced by Big Ocean ENM, which was created as an M&A for drama, film, and record producers, can be used as a communication channel to enjoy through Dream City VR or promote their artists. Like Fortnite and Geppetto, you can hold online concerts or fan signing events. Alternatively, you can check and purchase the products sold at the KOK PLAY shopping mall in real life form implemented in virtual reality.

This is not the end of the benefits of 'hybrid', which combines multiple content. KOK PLAY is also developing its own instant messaging that can be translated into multiple languages in real time. This business direction can be combined with Dream City VR to become a "virtual social network platform" where virtual reality users make friends and interact with each other. Like a character on Kakao Talk, you can create your own character, use it as an avatar in Dream City, or create a new one using it. Additionally, if the know-how of developing Dream City VR is applied to the game, which is the main business area of KOK PLAY, users will be able to enjoy KOK PLAY's game through virtual reality.

As such, KOK PLAY is committed to implementing all possible activities in virtual reality through Dream City VR. An ideal platform will be created that combines metaverse and blockchain, leading to economic activities in the virtual world from its own ecosystem based on blockchain technology. KOK PLAY is moving forward without hesitation, breaking the prejudice of the blockchain platform. If metaverse is harmonized on top of its blockchain technology, KOK PLAY's ambition to surpass Google and Netflix will turn out to be a reality, not a fantasy.

KOK PLAY is a platform based on blockchain, the talk of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is a company that builds honest settlement of platforms and creators with the transparency of blockchain and focuses on building trust with platforms, creators, and most importantly, the users. It is a diversified business such as games, media, and entertainment that is faithful to the nature of content platforms and dreams of implementing metaverse through VR. KOK PLAY is steadily maturing, keeping the promises made to members and is in a unique position to be the bridge and catalyst for new and emerging technologies.

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