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Sincerely from KOK,

The warm spring is already upon us, with cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Thank you so much for your endless support and thanks as each season passes.

To express out thanks, we will soon reveal our April Fools' Day surprise event prepared for our loyal members.

We are very excited to see our members' reactions.

The surprise event of this KOK shopping mall is!

For April Fool's Day,

For only one day, today only!!

When you purchase 'NEW EVENT' products in our KOK shopping mall, you'll get 400% of the total purchase amount as mining mileage.

It's only for one day (00:00 to 23:59). What a way to celebrate April Fool's day by earning 400% of your purchase in mining mileage!

Don't miss this opportunity because no one knows when it will be back!

*The April Fool's Day event will be held only for one day on April 1st and will automatically end at midnight (on April 2nd.)

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