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KOK PLAY attended PHR Group 2019 Year-end Corporate PR Announcement

Premier Hotel Group (PHR) closed the 2019 year and held the “2019 PHR Movie Night” event. It was the event to discuss the yearly performance and to arrange the business plan to be implemented in 2020.

PHR Group operates and invests in the United Guam Marathon Korean Branch, and 6-star hotels and resorts around the world, including Southeast Asia, the United States, and Japan. As the global corporation, PHR Group also has provided generous support to social service project including the support of multicultural family.

KOK Platform was the only participants with blockchain technology at the event, which was held for executives and employees of affiliates and partners of globally operated corporation, PHR Group.

'KOK Platform' is currently expanding its influence through the collaboration with global companies of entertainment, promotions and content. 


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