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KOK PLAY Jeans Contest!

Following a series of KOK PLAY shopping mall events, we are sending our feed to our members as a sign of  gratitude and another spring season that has come upon us.

KOK PLAY Genesis Group sponsored event called KOK PLAY Jeans Contest!

The contest, designed to bring KOK PLAY a little bit closer to Frontier members around the world showed how much passion you have as competition was fierce. The first place prize was 1,000 dollars, 500 dollars for the second place, 300 dollars for the third place, and 100 dollars for the 30 participants. Another successful event thanks to our enormous global community!

Shall we watch the KOK PLAY Jeans Contest?

Wow! It must have been very difficult to say who came first due to so much creativity and effort shown by our Frontier members! With so many great people, KOK PLAY should try to be a better platform that matches the level of our most valuable members!

As such, it is beautiful to see global frontiers unite together under one common theme of KOK PLAY. Please feel free to contact the customer service center for various news of your fellow members, such as Genesis Group's “Glittering Event.”

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you

for being a part of our KOK family!

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