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Young Choe, CTO's Contribution to the Metaverse Column

The public's interest in metaverse, which will gradually change into a new world following the recent craze of NFT, is growing. In this regard, CTO @Young Choe(최영규) Young Choe contributed to Blockchain Today, a blockchain magazine, an opinion related to metaverse, for two months in March and April, and soon became popular on the website's popular news.

As the metaverse is established in the future, the column explained in detail about extended reality (XR) following VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), and metanomics, which combines metaverse and token economies, so it would be beneficial for our members to peruse through as well.

CTO Young Choe's

blockchain column can be found through the link below.

[View Choi Young CTO column immediately]

March issue of Blockchain Today

April issue of Blockchain Today

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