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[KOK PLAY]PK MASTER coming Soon!

Following the Hotel King and Magia, PK Master will be released on KOK PLAY.

To learn more about the upcoming game on KOK PLAY, PK Master, we directly interviewed the developers of PK Master.

Q1. Would you briefly explain about the game, PK Master?

PK Master is a mini game that anyone who likes soccer can enjoy.

It's a game that a player kicks a penalty kick as the penalty kicker.

Q2. What motivated you to develop PK Master?

I wanted to provide KOK ecosystem member a simple game to enjoy. I hope members to easily access and enjoy the game when they are on the way or feel bored. 

Q3. What are the characteristics of PK Master?

By using Fullframe Sprite and applying the latest technology, the direct development of image optimization algorithms, to enhance visual satisfaction of player with smooth and elegant graphics similar to 3D games without consuming a lot of graphic resources.

Q4. Please introduce the game in detail.

In soccer, penalty kicks make viewers to breathtaking. The moment of successive penalty kick, viewers feel a tremendous thrill. PK Master is developed to provide such thrilling pleasure. You can have a light time with the game, but users can also take huge amount of rewards through jackpots.

Q5. What is the future update plan?

At the beginning of the game release, there will be only one kicker and a keeper. We will implement a various strategies based on the capabilities of the kicker and the keeper, and add special capabilities.

In addition, there will be a match-up mode between a kicker and a keeper.

We've worked hard on this game, so please enjoy it. We hope to see you in the future with more diverse games.

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