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Medium's Fastest Blockchain Technology

The Medium Foundation (hereinafter referred to as Medium), which specializes in high-performance blockchain solutions, has signed joint development agreements with many companies such as Samsung SDS, LG CNS, and SK C&C, and has been recognized for its blockchain utilization technology. In addition, it proved its position once again by providing MBPU, a blockchain settlement system, to Korea Expressway Corporation, and digital technology-based public services to Korea Minting and Printing Corporation.

Medium, already known as the best technology development team in the domestic and foreign blockchain industry, is a traditional blockchain research and development company established in 2018, and has recently received the 15,000 TPS certification, which is five times faster than the current blockchain network.

In particular, they have developed the world's first BPU, or blockchain-only processor that can maximize the speed of blockchain systems. They continue to maintain technology gaps with similar companies by increasing the efficiency of blockchain and improving data processing speed.

Based on the world's best technology, the company aims to realize many possibilities of blockchain such as solutions, platforms, and services, and has a mainnet with built-in blockchain scalability, compatibility and core technology.

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