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KOK PLAY Acquisition News Released On Major News Media

When the acquisition news of KOK PLAY was announced on the 15th, Chosun Ilbo, JoongAng Ilbo, and Dong-A Ilbo, Korea's top three media outlets, covered it with great importance. The main response of the nation's top media outlets has also made headlines in the Chinese media, and international attention continues.

The media is looking forward to the collaboration of KOK PLAY's quality content and world-class blockchain technology, noting the unprecedented and powerful acquisition of the industry. The partnership also foretells a new perceptual shift in the blockchain industry and predicts that there will be more synergy than expected.

KOK PLAY is planning a new business model as a platform that combines high-performance technologies, focusing on globally popular content, and aims to leap to the top of the content platform industry in the long term.

Please join us in the future of KOK PLAY, which will be reborn, such as the expansion into the consortium blockchain and the ability to create layers of KOK tokens that will become even more powerful in the future.

We will change the digital content market

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