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[KOK PLAY] Official Open of the Shopping Mall

Various products are now available to purchase with KOK Tokens.

The real-life payment system, which allows you to purchase using tokens, is an innovation that cannot be found on other existing platforms.

Over 1,000 products can be purchased at the “KOK PLAY” shopping mall. A wide variety of items, including daily necessities, luxury goods, various beauty products, and home appliances can be purchased.

'KOK PLAY' will be the platform that continues to offer high-quality content and products that can be consumed and enjoyed by real users, rather than a platform that only provides a plan to ‘do.’

Through “KOK PLAY, ”a wider range of brands and products will be introduced, as well as products that cannot be purchased at other shopping malls including game items and performance tickets. We will be further developed into a comprehensive lifestyle shopping mall.

We will continue to improve to be a better KOK PLAY.

Thank you.

We will change the digital content market

Become the center of the new digital content market with KOK PLAY!

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