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May KOK Shopping Mall Mileage Event

So Nice #Why Not Buy

We are holding a special event to celebrate the family month of May. At the same time as the entry of “Pure Gold Plate Gold Picture” we will also hold a mileage event that will set aside 200% of the purchase amount as mining mileage for those who purchase the product during the event period.

Gold Plated Picture (Pure Gold 99.9%)

‘Gold Painting’ is a new concept art product that combines works of art on a pure gold plate containing more than 99% pure gold. The fresh canvas, specially made by mixing minerals such as amethyst, jade, silicon, and polythera that transfers “good energy,” is not only certified by the Korea Water & Beer Association but also patented and reliable. On this canvas, you can  see gold paintings with excellent artistry and preference, such as the national treasure “Inwangje Color Island, Oksunbong-do,” Chusa Kim Jung-hee’s “Sehan-do” kept at the National Museum of Korea, Hyewon Shin Yun-bok’s “Beauty” and “Danopungjeong,” as well as “January Obong-do” found in the 10,000 won bill designs!


- Period: May 4th, 2021–May 7th (4 days)

-One event. For those who purchase NEW EVENT category products within the period will be able to claim 200% of the purchase amount to be used toward mining mileage.

-Event 2. Every time you buy 4 gold paintings, you get a gold card for the first 100 people.

I hope you have a happy May with a “gold picture” that will bring good energy and dignity to your family, and at the same time, get a chance to earn 200% of mining miles. Thank you.


* Mining mileage 200% accumulation event applies only to NEW EVENT category products in shopping malls.

* Please make sure to write down the correct address and mobile phone number when purchasing, and please understand that shipments can only be made domestically due to the pandemic.

* For questions related to KOK shopping mall, please use the 1:1 customer service function within the KOK Shopping mall

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