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New Webtoon Launch Event

Since last month, KOK PLAY has launched a large number of new movies and grown into a global comprehensive content platform.

This time, we are excited to announce the launch of new popular webtoons.

From this week, 12 webtoons of various genres and unique stories will be uploaded sequentially. The new webtoon lineup includes: “The Best Moment to Quit your Job”- a web drama that’s too relatable for all office workers; “Rooftop Drifter”- which was recognized as a masterpiece at the Busan International Film Festival for its whimsical setting; and “Sweet Time”- a heartwarming love story that captures the hearts of romantics with its cute drawings and sweet moments. 

In addition, internationally recognised webtoons featured in China’s leading webtoon platform “Tencent Animation and Comics” that are raising exposure for K-Webtoons such a “With a Girl’s Heart”, “The Kitchen Buono”, and “21 Months of Love Letters” can also be found on our platform.

We have prepared an exciting prize event along with a full webtoon lineup launch, so we ask for your participation as you dive into the new webtoons!

1. Participation Method: Prizes for 50 members who purchase webtoons with the “Possession Tickets”

2. Prizes: 10,000won gift certificate for GS convenience store, $10 Amazon gift card

3. Period: May 19 (Wed) ~ 23 (Sun), 2021

4. Announcement of winners: May 26, 2021 (Wed)

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