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CTO Young Choe Interview – Part 2

This is the second interview with CTO Young Choe, who shares the preparations taking place for the upcoming growth with our Frontier members.

Last month’s Part 1 Interview covered KOK's transition to “Mainnet” (blockchain operation network). Currently, KOK is operated on a public-based mainnet, but plans to build an independent content ecosystem with the collaboration of Medium’s high-performance private mainnet.

There are numerous content providers who rely on digital platforms to share their content. In order for KOK to build an environment that encompasses existing content providers, establishing a mainnet in the form of a consortium in which multiple organizations with a common purpose manage the network together is the right answer.

In our next video,we explain the vision of the KOK’s Mainnet through more concrete concepts.

Through the video, learn about the concepts of Super Node (BP), DApp, sidechain, and check how IBC (InterBlockchain Communication) will further converge and expand KOK's ecosystem.

We hope you enjoyed watching this interview with detailed methods for devising directions of KOK Foundation’s future.

KOK Foundation will continue to strive to build an upstanding ecosystem based on outstanding technology. We welcome you to come with us on this journey.

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