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English Enjoyment and Enlightenment with Peter’s Pop Songs!

Introducing an all-new KOK PLAY TV content.

Are you familiar with the alternative rock band “Petelshot” that introduced a new genre of music combining rock and hip hop from the underground American music scene?

Every week, we plan on introducing a new episode of “Peter’s Popsong Corner”,where the lead vocalist and guitarist from “Petelshot” will explain the cultural meaning and context behind a different English pop song.

“Peter’s Popsong Corner” is an original KOK PLAY content, ambitiously prepared by our team to help our members learn English expressions in an easy and fun way through the songs of famous singers representing the British and the United States.The host, Peter, is a Korean-American who has lived in the United States for over 20 years. After majoring in music, he showcased musical talent by releasing albums through indie band activities.

Every Monday, we invite you to listen to the famous songs chosen by Peter, learn the meanings of the lyrics, and improve your English skills with tips and tricks prepared by the host! You can learn 'Real English' with Peter, who has not only an angelic voice and impressive guitar skills, but also an in-depth understanding and experience of the local atmosphere, culture, and language.

We thank you in advance for your interest and look forward to introducing you to our upcoming new content!

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