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“Thank you for your hard work this month” - KOK Shopping Mall Event

May, the month dedicated to family and the welcoming of spring days, is coming to an end. KOK Shopping Mall is presenting a "Health Food" lineup to help our members express their appreciation for all the hard work family members have done this month. Thank your family and give them strength with these newly curated items!


Garlic Red Ginseng Stick (10ml × 30): Tasty and nutritious herbal supplement composed of 4-year old red ginseng concentrate and domestic freeze-dried garlic powder

Red Ginseng Stick (10ml × 50): Made with selected ingredients like 6-year-old red ginseng concentrate, domestic honey, and various healthy herbal medicines.

Whole Black Garlic Stick (10ml × 50) : Thicker and more aromatic black garlic concentrate made with garlic from “Namhae”, a county in South Gyeongsang Province.

Ginseng is known to boost the immune system, energy, stamina, and fight fatigue. It also promotes healthy blood circulation, supports memory function, and helps ease stress.


l Period: 2021.05.28 (Friday) to 2021. 05.31 (Monday) (4 days)

l Contents: 200% of the purchase amount of products will be accumulated as mining mileage

l Eligible Products: KOK Shopping Mall NEW EVENT Category (Garlic Red Ginseng Stick, Red Ginseng Stick, Whole Black Garlic Stick)

Enjoy shopping and taking care of your loved while while accumulating 200% mileage with your purchases! Thank you.


- Due to COVID-19, only deliveries to Korea will be available

- For questions about KOK shopping mall, please use the 1:1 customer service center in the shopping mall

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