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KOK Shopping Mall Summer Skin Care Event

It’s June- summer has officially arrived. It is a season where you can enjoy longer active hours and feel the freshness of nature, but this season also requires more dedicated skin care to prepare for the scorching sun on summer days. KOK shopping mall has prepared an event with skincare products that are crucial for the month of June!

“Mixsoon”, which means 'mixing purity (MIX + 純 [purity]') is a skin care brand that offers products that maximize the original efficacy of raw materials by extracting only one really good ingredient at 100%. Discover Mixson’s hypoallergenic skin care products that benefit your skin while giving you a natural glow.


➀ Centella Asiatica Essence: This essence is made by extracting the leaves and stems of Centella asiatica, which contain ingredients that help heal wounds.

➁ Panax Ginseng Root Essence: The saponin extracted from red ginseng delivers nutrients and energy to the skin.

➂ Beta-Glucan Essence: Protects skin with excellent moisturizing beta-glucan ingredients

➃ Galactomyces Ferment Essence: Brightens dull skin tone and improves skin texture.

➄ Bano Vitalizing Sleeping Mask


l Period: 2021.06.04(Fri)~06.07(Mon) (4 days)

l Benefits: 150% of the purchase amount will be credited as mining mileage to those who purchase eligible event products within the period.

l Eligible products: KOK Shopping Mall NEW EVENT category (Centella Asiatica Essence, Panax Ginseng Root Essence, Beta-glucan Essence, Galactomyces Ferment Essence, Bano Vitalizing Sleeping Mask)

Revitalize and energize your skin with Mixsoon Essence that was recently launched at Chicor (online & offline) and was recognized at Hyundai Department Store pop-ups!

We thank you for your enthusiasm and participation as we introduce these new, exciting products to you.


Due to COVID-19, we ask for your understanding that we are only shipping within Korea.’

For inquiries related to the KOK Shopping Mall, please use the 1:1 customer center in the shopping mall.

Please understand that it may take up to 7 days for delivery as the products are produced at the time of order.

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