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[Video] KOK PLAY, Listing on Global Exchange, ZBG, and the Vision.

Hello, KOK PLAY users. We are pleased to inform you the first listing of KOK.

KOK Token will be listed today on ZBG, the famous global exchange.

ZBG is a recognized exchange with billions of dollars in daily trading, where numerous and outstanding cryptocurrencies are listed. KOK PLAY has been promoting the listing on global exchanges with the support and, finally, choose ZBG as the first exchange to be listed. This listing is a strategic listing to achieve better value proliferation with users of KOK PLAY. In addition, it will be the foundation to clarify the vision of KOK PLAY to the global cryptocurrency users.

KOK PLAY platform, which currently leads various Korean wave contents distribution and product distribution, plans to create a global content platform instead of simple cryptocurrency transaction in the market. The platform will grows into a global service in various fields including culture and art contents, games, and finance by utilizing the advantages of blockchain: ‘transparent wealth distribution’ and ‘convenience of exchange’

KOK PLAY, a converged platform based on actual business models, integrates cultural content, games and finance into the blockchain to utilize cryptocurrency in real-life, and is going to solidify its role as a platform that can be conveniently accessed by people around the world. A recent article stated that KOK is one of the most anticipated blockchain in the world in 2020. We are very pleased with this evaluation, and want to express our gratitude to all the supporters who have contributed to the development of KOK PLAY. Starting with the listing on ZBG, we will do our best to build greater value and future together with you.

We will change the digital content market

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