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Young K Choe, CTO of KOK Foundation, Joined Korea Blockchain Startup Association (KBSA)

Young K Choe CTO of the KOK Foundation joined the Korea Blockchain Startup Association (KBSA) as a technical adviser. KBSA provides blockchain education in connection with universities and supports education such as production and establishment of blockchain education materials, promotes and consult for the activation and popularization of the blockchain industry, launches government-private policy research team, holds blockchain policy conference, presents relevant statistics, links policy research, conducts policy research including communication with relevant government departments. 

CTO of the KOK Foundation, Young K. Choe, is a key figure in the blockchain industry who serves CEO of Crypto Valley Lab, Inc., a professor at Yonsei University's College of Technology, and an editorial board member of Blockchain Today Magazine.

CTO Choe participated in the Korea Blockchain Startup Association (KBSA) as a technical adviser to promote and stabilize the blockchain ecosystem. Through various activities, he is creating positive synergies for KOK PLAY.

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