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45% Increase within One Week of Global Exchange Listing!

Our foundation is pleased to inform you of the good news ahead of the Lunar New Year.

KOK Token has a successful start since it was listed on the ZBG Exchange on Jan. 15, rising from the base price of $ 0.14 to $ 0.2065, which is increased more than 45%.

The ZBG, where KOK Token is listed, is a global exchange with a big trading volume of billions of dollars. ZBG is a major exchange that 90 cryptocurrencies are listed and ranked eighth in terms of trading volume based on coin market cap. KOK Token's listing on the major exchange and its rising price mean that future value of KOK has been recognized in the market.

KOK PLAY determines the price of the KOK Token according to the Token Economy algorithm, not the exchange price, to facilitate the use of the token by stabilizing the token value within the platform. If the price of the exchange is higher than the price of the platform, it means that the future vision of the KOK PLAY and the value of the KOK Token are highly valued.

If the current exchange price (0.2 USD) is higher than the base price (0.15 USD) in the KOK PLAY, the mining volume is increased. If you sell after the withdraw from the exchange at exchange price, you can earn immediate returns. So the opportunity for you continues as to engage in token economic activity through mining to increase the profits.

(Note that conversion to another coin within the platform is converted to the base price in the app)

All of this is possible with your hard work, and we truly appreciate it. KOK Foundation will also do our best to continuously increase the value of KOK Token.

For the reference, as previously announced, we are offering a higher percentage of KOK withdrawals to those who have contributed to the proliferation of KOK PLAYs in order to continue to increase the value of the token. The token can be withdrawn as follows at KOK PLAY, and is able to be sent directly to the exchange or to an external wallet.

The levels and amounts available for withdrawal are as follows:

Level 3: 0.15% of mining amount/day(4.5%/month)

Level 4: 0.4% of mining amount/day(12%/month)

Level 5: 0.7% of mining amount/day(21%/month)

Level 6: 1.0% of mining amount/day(30%/month)

Level 7: 1.5% of mining amount/day(45%/month)

Level 8: 3.5% of mining amount/day(105%/month)

We will change the digital content market

Become the center of the new digital content market with KOK PLAY!

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