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Google Play's Trending No.1 Magia Begins Pre-Registration in Japan's Large Portal AppGet!

2D cross-scroll fantasy action RPG ‘Magia: Charma Saga’ of ‘KOK PLAY’ started pre-registration in Japanese Google Play through ‘AppGet,’ a mobile game portal.

‘Magia’ of ‘KOK PLAY’ is an action game that arouses console nostalgia. It combines delicate fairytale graphics with solid scenarios and diverse game content and ranked No. first in the trending chart in Korean Google Play within just 30 hours of its release.

After the release, it has established a solid foothold in the game market. Magia' was selected along with 'Lineage 2M' as the ‘Google's Game of December’ and ‘Featured in Global 140 Countries.’ It also accomplished 500,000 downloads globally and scored 4.5 rating.

In addition, the story is better organized with a high-quality cinematic movie that reminds the quality of TV animations. In order to increase the concentration of the story, top voice actors from both Japan and Korea involved who are enthusiastically supported from the maniacs.

These configurations are expected to lead to high satisfaction of Japanese users, the powerhouse of animation.

Magia's pre-registration of Japanese Google Play is possible by entering the link below, so please participate!

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