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Interview with CTO Young Choe Part. 3 - KOK Roadmap


I’m also curious about KOK Roadmap, would you please explain?


Okay. We listed our KOK Token on ZBG


Oh ZBG exchange?


ZBG exchange, yes. It’s not the best or top exchange, but it is a well-known exchange.

It has listed a huge amount of cryptocurrencies and their daily trading volume is multi-billion dollars.

So, as we promised, we listed our KOK Token on the January of this year.

And we fulfilled that promise. Briefly our road map is like this.

Until we make the full-grown KOK DApp Development Kit, KDDK, our main activity during the year of 2020 will be developing KDDK and testnet of the KOK Platform. 

Until we develop that KDDK in our KOK MainNet, before the MainNet, our MainNet will be the MVP which is the Test Net. 

We will keep trying to improve the value of KOK Tokens by using that I said (earlier).

The proof of participation that KOK wallet users are using in a leasing and staking models. (And we will be) Keep listing our KOK tokens on bigger and better exchanges.

Probably, (we will list) two or three more exchanges soon.


Oh really? That’s a nice news.


So we will keep trade and care our community to get good return from the KOK investments on KOK ERC 20 token.

KOK ERC 20 token will stay for a year. And KOK MainNet will be available probably around the first quarter of year 2021.

So It will take after more than a year. Once we get our KOK MainNet done, then we will swap our current ERC20 token to KOK MainNet Token. One to one. 

In Summary, we will do our best to do best price performance for KOK ERC20 token by using our wallet mechanism and by listing on exchanges.

Meanwhile we will continue developing MainNet and Development Kit and all those things. 

We will also work hard to make a strategic relationship with DApp and business developers. 


Oh I see, thank you for your detailed information. And any last words for KOK users or KOK family members?


Okay. Blockchain is in the early stage of its life, but it has a huge potential to change and to contribute to the human society. 

To do that, blockchain should become a protocol rather than just a platform. Usually platform is (representing) a centralized concept. 

(Since it is) the centralized thing and centralized profit, So the rich get richer that is the basic concept of the platform. 

But if something… Some good technical thing becomes a protocol, then everybody can use easily.  

Like an electricity, a platform, is like a protocol. So it is more like a commodity. 

In philosophy, KOK is trying to become a protocol. Blockchain as the protocol is the aim of the KOK Platform.

We want to become a protocol, rather than to stay as a platform.

Well, platform is good. But the platform is not good enough. Protocol is the best.


Okay, thank you for the interview


Okay, my pleasure


Thank you. and Thank YOU. 

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