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New VR World Created by KOK

KOK PLAY is preparing to develop the new VR City.

VR is the high technology that allows people to have a real-world experience in virtual reality created by computer. If you think of the virtual reality of the movies such as 'Matrix' and 'Inception', you will understand quickly.

Global ICT companies, including Google, Apple, Samsung and etc., consider VR as the core technology and growth engine of 4th Industrial Revolution. In addition, they have devoted to develop VR technology.

KOK PLAY also plans to create VR City in accordance with the global trend and further develops various contents including VR Travel, VR House, and VR Shopping Mall.

1. VR House: You will be able to build high-end hotels and luxury houses In the heart of Manhattan, New York, and in a Mediterranean island. You are also able to sell them to people all over the world. In particular, users of Hotel Kings will be provided a great benefit, such as pre-sale.

2. VR Travel: In your room, now you can do skydiving at the top of Mount Everest or even travel to Mars, which you can only see in movies. Especially for the people who are physically challenged, it can offer a more valuable experience than anything else.

3. VR Shopping Mall: You do not have to worry no more whether this clothes suits you or not. You can look at the models wearing the clothes that you want in VR Shopping Mall in live or even try them on yourself by get into virtual reality.

All of this will soon be available in KOK PLAY.

Please look forward to the New VR City and KOK PLAY!

(The screenshot above is a version under development, so it is subject to change.)

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