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Interview of the First KOK Five-Star


Hello, KOK users!

Today, we will have an interview with Mr. Kaup-young Song, who achieved five-star for the first time in Korea.

Hello, Mr. Song!

You achieved the first five-star in Korea. How is that feel? What does it mean to you?


Mr. Song:

Nice to meet you. I am Kaup-young Song.

KOK PLAY Platform released on last October, right?

It’s been five months in Korea. On the other hand, it had already opened the service in China ahead of Korea, so I expect that had some kind of privilege.

After the global opening, I probably have symbolic significance as the first five-star in the world



Oh, that means a lot.


Mr. Song:




Then let’s move on to the second question

There are various business fields. Why did you choose KOK PLAY?


Mr. Song:

Yes, as you said, currently crypto-related business is flooding tremendously.

I think, there are still some measurement to find the right business.

The biggest criterion is the sense of responsibility of the members of the entity that established the business.

KOK is not just a company that created by some marketing or blockchain experts, but by businessmen who actually works on Korean-wave cultural contents and games. In addition, it is made by those who are close to public figure including blockchain experts and professor with a sense of responsibility.

Second one that I consider was the business model.

Most of the projects that have been carried out so far was only for the purpose of coin issuance and fund rights without creating an ecosystem.

This business decided to adopt MLM marketing method to acquire actual users for Korean-wave contents and games, which is the distinctive difference from the existing business. Therefore, I chose KOK PLAY.




Okay. Thanks for your answer.

Then let’s move to the last question.

What are your dreams or visions you want ultimately to achieve through KOK?


Mr. Song:

Within the four months since I started KOK, I have earned about 100 million per month including my family account.





That's great!


Mr. Song:

Yes, that is great.

I believe, if people believe the future and sincerity of KOK, I am sure that the future success will be guaranteed for me, my acquaintances, and those I want to succeed together.

Through KOK, I want to play the role of a dream evangelist who can share happiness and future together.



Oh, I see.

Do you have any last word for KOK users?


Mr. Song:

I believe, trust is a thing that believes something that is invisible, especially regarding the trust of the company or its information.

Anyone can believe data that went through the verification process and authentication agency.

I learned that opportunity belongs to those who are ahead of their time.

I am convinced that the future of KOK is much larger and greater than we imagined.

I hope you all can check out KOK and join to design a happy future!



Thank you.

Thank you very much

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