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Jin-Ho Hong's 'J88 Poker', Start KOK Service

‘J88 Poker,’ which former StarCraft pro-gamer, broadcaster, and poker player Jin-ho Hong, and Yohan Lim belongs, finally started service at KOK PLAY on March 25(Wed).

'J88 Poker' is the best online poker game enjoyed by over 100,000 people around the world, and is actively held 'J88 Tournament' annually in Asia, including Taiwan, Shanghai and the Philippines.

It started service on March 25(Wed). Even without publicity, it showed the sign of a great hit from the beginning. The sever has been down due to heavy traffic. Fortunately, all services are currently back to normal. Additionally, in just one day, the frontier, who hit the jackpot, came out.

In the thrilling ‘J88 Poker, we hope that you also dream of jackpot!’

* You can learn poker rules through the 'J88 Poker' video on the 'TV Content' tab.

*The service is not available in Korea.

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