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Blockchain meets real life

Blockchain, which has been selected as the top 10 promising technologies for intelligent e-government for 3 consecutive years, is already being used in our real life. (

HTC, a leading smartphone maker in Taiwan, decided to provide mining function of Monero, a privacy-based cryptocurrency, directly from its blockchain smartphone ‘Exodus 1S.’ (HTC-related articles

The movement of the game-side blockchain becomes increasingly active. Kakao Clayton, a subsidiary of Kakao, plans to use its 'mineral' tokens, listed on CoinOne, directly in-game. The KOK Foundation has already tested the use of the KOK token in Magia last year, which is listed on ‘Bithumb Global.’ ‘Smartphone-Game-Blockchain’ is about to become a trend. (Kakao Clayton related article

Nestle and Indonesia's ‘Blue Korintji Coffee’ stated that they incorporate technology that can transparently check all lines from coffee production to distribution and sales using blockchain technology. (Nestle related article, (Blue Korintji Coffee related article

KOK PLAY that is ahead of this trend has already made blockchain payments possible anywhere in the world, including games, dramas, and shopping! We'll be back with more surprising news.

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