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Held ‘Night of KOK Top Frontier’

Last Friday (17th) at the Sheraton Hotel in Gangnam, "Night of KOK Top Frontier" was held for KOK leaders who achieved more than five-star.

In order to repay for the efforts of the leaders who have been working day and night for KOK, the event was held with their spouse. As the old proverb, ‘when one’s home is harmonious, all goes well,' we thought that they are good at work as they have lovely families.

In fact, the foundation has been preparing for a cruise trip from Hong Kong to Korea for three days and four days from January of this year, so global leaders as well as Korean leaders will be able to gather together. However, due to unexpected Corona19 pandemic, only Korean leaders were invited for the event at Sheraton Hotel H Garden.

First, we had a celebration ceremony for CEO Bokgi Shim and CEO Jinhyun Baek, who have become five-stars. They are all good-looking men and women, but they seemed dazzling in the halo with five-star badges.

After that, all participants had dinner at the 'H Garden' buffet at the Sheraton Gangnam Hotel. There was a '2020 Vision Announcement,' which was ambitiously prepared by the KOK Foundation, after the dinner buffet with snow crab, steak and sweet dessert. (Security content will be partially modified and fully released through the leaders.)

It was a remarkable presentation that impressed people how much KOK Foundation works its best for sustainable business. In particular, we were convinced by CTO VR City project presentation by Young K Choe that KOK would continue in 10 and even 100 years. Young K Choe CTO, who served as a managing director of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, presented such a great competence.

After the presentation, we had QnA time. It was a time that showed with enthusiasm how much leaders love KOK and cherish their members. In addition, it was the event that showed the dignity of the leaders.

We were very sorry of the change from a cruise to a hotel buffet, but the leaders fortunately enjoyed with smile throughout the event. For that, we were truly grateful for the leaders.

We, KOK Foundation, will never forget that gratitude and work harder.

Thank you.

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