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Increased demand for BTC from Russia, preparing for the Corona crisis.

The Russian Central Bank Against Bitcoin! | Bitcoin News - Tokeneo

The prices of major coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, which did not show much change in price for a while, have been rising. Not only that, alt coins show a good movement.

Although there may be various analyzes of the sudden rise in the prices of major cryptocurrencies, which the prices have declined since the beginning of Corona pandemic, the main reason seems the steady increase in demand for cash and BTC in Russia.

Especially in Russia, more than 13.6 billion dollars (KRW 16.8136 trillion) were withdrawn through ATMs in March alone. It is greater than the total ATM withdrawal amount of last year. In addition, the number of users and trade volume in the Russian cryptocurrency exchanges are also showing a remarkable increase.

In fact, Russia's proportion among overseas countries of KOK user has been increasing rapidly recently. Even before that, Russian Frontiers have consistently shown interest by visiting KOK several times. However, these days, they are showing an enthusiastic response, ranking first or second among foreign countries.

Now the restrictions on international arrival and departure slowly begin to be lifted. We are very excited to see the tremendous reaction to Vision 2.0 of KOK from overseas starting from Russia.

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