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KOK Tokens will be used for FX forex trading

The KOK Foundation has signed an MOU with NEXTFIN, the FX trading platform by Next Ground, developed by Wall Street's top financial experts.

FX trading is an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange, which allows individuals to participate in the international foreign exchange market by using leverage for a certain amount of margin.

NEXFIN is not only a differentiated Japanese and Chinese professional FX trading platform but also provides COPY TRADING, which invests in the investment portfolio of FX investment. Most of all, it is noticeable that not only USD and Bitcoin but also KOK Tokens are used for FX trading of NEXFIN.

The KOK Foundation, which has already shown a different status in the financial market through collaboration with AI Loan, once again proved its power through this MOU. In particular, collaboration with NEXFIN, a specialized FX platform in Japan and China, demonstrates the strong will of the KOK Foundation to advance globally beyond Korea.

Starting with FX trading, the KOK Foundation plans to run domestic and foreign stock information channels for VIPs with Next Ground, to open trader contests, and as well as to start various business projects.

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