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The world’s first Seven-Star born

Are you having a nice Friday?

I expected this moment to come one day, but today is such a thrilling and glorious moment to be able to deliver the news.

There is a word that “Choice and concentration is selecting what you think is the most important and then focus on it.”

As a result of making the best choice of life, which is to choose 'KOK, and focusing on ‘today,’ the world’s first seven-star finally born since the nine months after KOK PLAY is serviced.

We are so happy that we all get teary.

We assume that you’ve all expected who will be the seven-star ^^

To give a little hint, he is as cool and enthusiastic as ‘sprite.’

There will be someone that comes to your mind!

Finally, release the seven-star of KOK that surrounded by flash and colorful lighting.

Yes. It is Mr. Gapyoung Song.
During he overcomes the heat and coronavirus, he runs a lecture schedule twice a day.
Isn’t it so great? If you agree, please give him a very big applause.

Mr. Gapyoung Song, who started with only the spirit of challenge and passion, leads the tens of thousands of frontiers now.

Congratulation for the seven-star.
In addition, there are many new six-star born.
Thank you so much for your pure affection and endless passion for KOK!!

The foundation plans to hold an "Exclusive Party" soon for Top Frontiers.
We ask for your understanding that only those who hold pre-issued invitations can participate in this event, as this is a presentation of specific business plans that the foundation has prepared for the second milestone.

Thank you.

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