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KOK White Paper Update

The white paper of KOK, which aims at a digital content distribution platform through blockchain, was released in the last year of October.  About 10 months later, the KOK Foundation updated the white paper to Version 0.4.

The updated contents in KOK PLAY white paper Version 0.4 are as follows.

 [Version 0.4 Update Content]

 1. Detail explanation of road map - Describe macro vision by 2023 through milestone step 7.

 2. KOK Governance - Describe ways to maintain balanced governance

 3. Token burning - Proposal detail of token burning for KOK platform price control

The KOK Foundation will continue to make efforts to enable all participants of the KOK Platform to fairly share the value created by the KOK ecosystem.

As the more people get to know about KOK PLAY and discover the benefits, the faster our development and expansion will accelerate.  Please join us in KOK PLAY's future development as a global entertainment content.

We will change the digital content market

Become the center of the new digital content market with KOK PLAY!

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