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Jinse, China’s representative blockchain media, introduced KOK

China is currently establishing and implementing a strategy to globally expand blockchain services under the initiative of the government. In addition, China tries to exemplify the excellent blockchain platform as a role model.

Among the commercialized blockchain platform, blockchain technology of KOK PLAY, which features the ‘combination of blockchain and digital media, was reported to Chinese main media including China Byte and Jinse. Both media are renowned blockchain media in China and received constant trust from the Chinese public.

When searching ‘KOK’ on Baidu, the largest portal site in China that 98% Chinese people use, the article regarding the expectation and interest of Chinese people in the KOK Platform is exposed on the top. Moreover, the article proved that KOK PLAY’s technology is dominant in the global blockchain industry and has established itself as a standard for the next blockchain platform. KOK PLAY will continue to develop technologies for stable business growth along with content expansion.

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Blockchain Transformation and KOK PLAY

Many blockchain projects are based on existing business models.  We observe there have been many Reverse-ICO’s in the past couple of years – some successful, others failed.   For unsuccessful ones, Revised-ICO’s are also observed.  It is to revise good yet incomplete ICO’s

More generally speaking, these are business transformation utilizing blockchain technology, so-called blockchain transformation.  The KOK PLAY platform was born as a business model of blockchain transformation.

KOK PLAY is for digital contents platform enabled by blockchain and AI technology.  KOK PLAY aims to share the value created from the participants in the whole ecosystem in fair way.

There are variety of digital content areas suitable to KOK PLAY.  In most cases, each area has already existing business and profit model.  It also has its own user base. KOK PLAY uses blockchain technology and utility token KOK to combine and expedite the synergetic integration of many such digital content areas on to KOK PLAY platform.

KOK PLAY as a BaaP (Blockchain-as-a-Protocol)

The blockchain is called the internet of values, internet of trust, and the next-generation Internet. The most useful essence of the Internet is achieved as WWW(World Wide Web).  As so, we expect the useful essence of blockchain may come like WWBW(World Wide Blockchain Web), which would be the next phase of the WWW.

Blockchain is often regarded as a technological commodity that possesses public property characteristics and viewed as a newly formed Economic Layer on World Wide Web. Trust and fundamental value essential to the economical contract and transaction are guaranteed by the Economic Layer - the blockchain protocol. DApps can be created more easily by considering blockchain as Economic Layer. The World Wide Web seems to be moving towards the next level of the Web, i.e., World Wide Blockchain Web.  Many blockchain projects including our KOK PLAY try to become a blockchain-as-a-protocol (BaaP).  Then many DApp providers with a variety of digital contents can nest their homes on our KOK PLAY platform

Consensus Algorithm for KOK PLAY

In the KOK ecosystem, a node that is designated to generate blocks and participate in governance is called a Block Generation Node or Block Producer (BP), and all of DApp are eligible to become a BP. BP’s are selected by the Delegated Proof of Stake & Service (DPOSS) method.  The consensus between BP’s is performed by the Parallel PBFT algorithm.

BP is selected among DApp providers that provide high-quality DApp services. The selection method is ranked according to the votes of coin holders and the service utilization rate. Selected BP’s are compensated for block generation.

One BP consists of two logic layers. The upper layer is the Service Layer and the lower layer is the Communication Layer that is responsible for consensus.

In the beginning, twenty-one BP’s are grouped by 7 Regions before launching the MainNet, taking into account the distribution of global communication networks and the geographic locations of DApp’s.  Some BP’s that do not have to represent DApp’s may join the MainNet as dummy BP’s.   A dummy BP is with only the Communication Layer.   Such BP has a dummy Service Layer.

Each BP has its own index number between 0 to 20, which is called the Block Producer Index (BPI). The node that initiates a block creation at a certain time to start consensus is called a Primary BP. A Primary BP is responsible to generate blocks during a Block Generation Period and make block confirmation with its neighbor Lead BP’s.  The Lead BP of a Region verifies the block with its neighbor BP’s in the same region using PBFT.

Primary BP is determined during the previous Block Generation Period applying modulo (21) function to the hash value of a certain block. Each Lead BP sends the consensus result of its Region to the Primary BP. The consensus algorithm used between Primary and Lead BP’s is also PBFT.

The overall consensus algorithm for KOK PLAY is thus Parallel PBFT(PPBFT), which makes block generation and confirmation very fast.  Overall BP configuration schemes and consensus algorithm can be depicted with some details as following.

Ecosystem of KOK PLAY and Its Development Partnership

KOK PLAY is DApp-friendly so that BP’s are selected from the master nodes among those DApp’s nominate.  Such BP’s have valid interests and motivated reasons to keep the whole KOK ecosystem healthy and robust.

For many existing and new digital content businesses to get on board to KOK PLAY platform, the environment, and tools to make their own DApps are necessary. KOK PLAY will provide KOK DApp Development Environment (KDEV) and DApp Development Kit (KDDK) for this purpose.   Well-proven compiler technologies and W3C’s standard data definition XML are used to design and develop KDEV and KDDK.  Currently, KDEV and KDDK are scheduled to release alpha versions in Q1 and Q4 of 2022.

KOK PLAY is to share values in fairway amongst all participants in the ecosystem enabled by blockchain and AI technology.

We will change the digital content market

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