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KOK PLAY is Expanding to the European Continent

For European frontiers using our platform, we have added Spanish and Russian in our KOK PLAY system. (Please give applause!!) From this momentum, we are standing now as a global platform with eight language services.

As the importance of Spanish and Russian language is rising and their increasing status due to their growth and expansion in the world, KOK PLAY has occupied those two markets and established a powerful global frontier group more than ever.

We know it was our frontiers that enabled us to develop and grow within such a short time, and we will do our best to expand and pioneer new markets with a humble mindset, as we have always been.

As we pick out weeds during the summer in order to produce the best quality fruits in autumn, KOK PLAY will be flourish like glorious autumn sunlight and become the most colorful platform for you.

We will change the digital content market

Become the center of the new digital content market with KOK PLAY!

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