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Addition of KOK’s new community channel

In order to dominate the global blockchain platform market in the second half of this year, KOK PLAY modifies the necessary preparations for a bigger leap forward. One of them is the addition of KOK PLAY's new social media channel.

KOK PLAY has opened six new social media channels including medium, Facebook, Reddit, Weibo, bitcoin talk, and bilibili in addition to the telegram, twitter, and youtube for the purpose of not only expanding communication channel with frontiers but also attracting new users.

<The Shortcut function to the official social media channel has been updated at the bottom of the homepage, so please refer to it.>

KOK PLAY will focus more on active communication with users in the future. We ask for a lot of support and encouragement. Please kindly ‘follow’ us and press ‘like.’ You will be able to see the new updates and news on the official channel.

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