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Google Increased App Store Fee to 30%, Are They Being Evil?

Google has officially declared they will receive 30% of the payment for installing Application from this point.

So far, the 30% fee was applied only on game apps, and now Google included other apps into this policy. And there is a high chance that the users will be the one to cover the increased fee.

The establishment of KOK PLAY aims to provide a solution for this contradiction caused by the monopoly of these gigantic platforms.

KOK PLAY's goal is to accommodate app's users with a low price, by suggesting reasonable app fee to contents developers based on various profit models.

That means, we will try our best to create an environment where every creater could utilize assets on the platform fairly by de-centralization, one of the most pivotal values of blockchain technology (Fair), share our vision and values to obtain satisfactory revenue (Share), and guarantee the creators' freedom within the platform (Enable).

When Google started their business, 'Don't Be Evil' was their very first motto.

KOK will never rest on our laurels.

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