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KOK Technical Report Part1

MainNet (As known as main network, an independent platform that produce blockchain) is not subjected to preexisting platform but the project itself can create its own independent ecosystem. It requires an advanced technology in order to possess MainNet, so very few coins enter the market with their own MainNet. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Quantum, and etc are all operating their platforms under the possession of MainNet, and they are known as few of the major coins in cryptocurrency market.

Once we succeed in developing MainNet technology, we will be acknowledged as the most stable platform with high technology and the chance for us to become the major coin will increase. Some of the largest exchanges consider the existence of MainNet as one of their conditions on Listing.

KOK will upload report paper twice a month about KOK MainNet development progress through our feed. Please join us with KOK’s ongoing vision and motivate us to move forward.

[Technical Design Status]

We are now designing KOK-Chain main architecture and the definition of GOS-BP and DPOSS. The codes uploaded on Github completed the 1st auditing and we are currently designing/testing along with the development of MainNet.

-Detailed Progress-

1. Code auditing on KOK-Chain, Pre-alpha 0.0.1 version (5%)

2. Designing AI to measure GOS-BP (Group of Symmetry – Block Producer) similarity (15%)

3. Updates on KOK-Chain, Alias and Account (80%)

4. Additional service for generating KOK-Chain and Token (70%)

5. Designing DPoSS structure (20%)

6. Tests on KDDK (KOK DApp Development Kit) (10%)

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