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Inauguration Speech of Kang Jiwon, the 2nd CEO of KOK

KOK is going through busy times preparing for the listing on global large exchange. To celebrate KOK season2, there is a major change within our Foundation. We would like to share this great news first with our users, that Kang Jiwon, a director of KOK Game Business Team, is going to be our new CEO. (Please give a big hand and cheers!)

CEO Kang Jiwon gave an inauguration speech for our users, let’s find out on the video clip!

[Inauguration Speech]


This is Kang Jiwon, the 2nd CEO of KOK.

Please understand my late greeting, but I have been so busy for the preparation of KOK Season 2.

As I mentioned in VIP party before, we are currently preparing for the listing on global large exchange.

Our KOK members are spending busy hours updating White Paper, making contract on contents, and developing MainNet.

When it comes to global large exchange, how coins are utilized is very important.

So for our season 2, we are trying our best to increase the use of KOK coin.

Fortunately, all the games on KOK Platform are showing an amazing outcome, and numerous other developers are trying to contact us.

We already gone through hundreds of MOU on movies and webtoons. And these contents will be launched soon.

We started to develop Magia game in PC, and we will start this service on our first day of 1st anniversary.

CEO Hwang, our 1st representative in KOK, has now began to focus on creating contents. And KOK will expand its business scope as a platform and IP holder, just like Netflix.

The final step of contents business is to acquire IP. KOK will be the one to lead.

As a new CEO of KOK, I will try my very best to stretch our business not only in Korea, but also toward the world.

Thank you.

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