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KOK Technical Report Part2

This is a technical report that contains KOK MainNet Development news from August 1st to 15th. The detailed progress is as below.

[Technical Design Progress Status]

We are currently developing KOK-Chain Main GOS-BP algorithm. GOS-BP with its more efficient and stable structure will define itself into a new concept in generating and managing blocks. In order for numerous DApps to enter KOK-Chain, we are developing a variety of modules and Kits.

-Detailed Progress-

1. GOS-BP(Group of Symmetry – Block Producer) AI Learning in process (45%)

2. KOK-Chain, Curve25519 function testing for encoding (35%)

3. Designing KOK-Chain, Pre-Mining Data AI Learning in process (10%)

4. Developing KOK PLATFORM upgrade (30%)

5. Developing DPoSS structure modular (30%)

6. KDDK(KOK DApp Development Kit) Test in process (35%)

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