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Magia is now available on PC!!!

Selected as ‘200,000 Global Pre-registration’, ‘700,000 Downloads’, ‘Google Play’s game of this month’, ‘Magia: Karma Saga’, with its huge popularity, will finally be available on PC.

Since the beginning of the development, Magia was acknowledged to be optimized not only on mobile but also on PC and Console (Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox).

SuperAcid, the developer of the game, has been anticipated to be successful also on Magia PC version, as they are registered as a developer of Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation while exceeding their competitors.

The name of the project will be ‘Magia X’.

X stands for eXtreme and eXpertise, where the player can experience an extreme satisfaction playing with a game pad (controller), which is unavailable on mobile touch screen.

We are planning to launch the game sometime between October and November to celebrate KOK 1 year anniversary. (The launch date can vary depending on the market situation such as the launch of similar games.)

Furthermore, in order to induce the highest success, we will terminate the current Magia mobile version service soon and focus on the development of Magia X.

Please check out the related announcement on our platform next week.

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