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KOK price on exchange keeps increasing

The amount of Google Search with a keyword “Cryptocurrency buy” in the recent cryptocurrency industry and market has reached the peak in the last two years. Also, as good news ensues such as the challenge of Goldman Sachs, an authoritative investment bank on the cryptocurrency market, increasing number of financial sectors are indeed in a process where they are establishing their groundwork to enter the digital asset market.

As the market intensifies and thanks to the bold move of KOK Foundation, KOK price has increased from 0.18 dollars to 0.24dollars on ZBG exchange in one month recently, and 0.18 dollars to 0.25 dollars also on Bithumb Global exchange which indicates 40% the continuous price increase.

[Graph of KOK price on ZBG]

[Graph of KOK price on Bithumb Global]

Once the traditional financial sectors enter cryptocurrency market, a substantial change is expected to occur within the market. In order to complete KOK and reborn into cryptocurrency with better practicality, we are making a huge effort on our technological development recently. Not only that, we are trying everything we can to expand our scope where users can pay with KOK. We promise to try our best to provide our users in an earliest date with messenger services, and the opening of a variety of digital contents such as education contents on KOK PLAY.

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