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KOK White Paper Ver 0.7 Update

KOK White Paper (Ver 0.7) has been updated. In this update, we have included more details of our plans for KOK MainNet Development.

Updates included in KOK White Paper Ver 0.7 are as below. 

[Updates on Ver 0.7] 

1. Developing Decentralized Artificial Intelligence on Protocol Blockchain (BaaP)

2. KOK DApp Development Kit

-Background of KDDK Development

-KDDK Structure

-Open Source Community Activity

4. KOK DApp and Sidechain DApp

-Base DApp

-Sidechain DApp

-Token Economy of Sidechain DApp

-DApp Development Methodology

KOK Foundation will not cease our effort to ‘enable’ all participants within KOK Platform to ‘share’ the values that KOK ecosystem generates in a ‘fair’ environment. We will continuously update our major news and plans for more improvements through KOK White Paper. 

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