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KOK Technical Report Part 3

This is the Technical Report about KOK MainNet development news and issue from August 16th to 31st.

[Technical Design Status]

Along with KOK-Chain MainNet Development, we are implementing various experiments in order to apply newer trend. We will try our best to facilitate faster innovation through KOK-Chain, of various services such as games, shopping, video contents, NFT and DApp. We are learning various scenarios applied with traditional token economy learning model and we are currently under the development of analyzing user behavior pattern and measuring AP Index through analyzing these scenarios.

- Development Details

1. Token economy learning model AI Learning in process (10%)

2. Token issuance scenario pattern learning with AI (15%)

3. Behavior pattern of KOK-Chain, DApp users and AP Index measuring (25%)

4. AI Testing in measuring GOS-BP (Group Of Symmetry - Block Producer) Similarity (45%)

5. KOK-Chain, Property setting completed & Testing in process (75%)

6. KDDK (KOK DApp Development Kit) NFT Support Design (40%)

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