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KOK Special Mileage Event

KOK PLAY has newly opened movie contents recently! For all our members who congratulated our new openings, KOK Foundation have prepared a surprise mileage event to express our gratitude!

For 14 days starting on September 7th, you will be a special guest for our mileage event where you will be granted with twice amount of KOK mileage when you purchase movies or TV contents on KOK PLAY, and also given more mining opportunity.

Currently, cumulative profit via KOK mining (including mining profit, sponsor profit, level profit) has a limit of 200% of mining amount. If you receive mileages on this event, additional mining will be available based on how much you have collected. 1 mileage will be exchanged to 0.01$, which means the more mileages you get, the higher mining amount and larger profit you will be getting. Through this event, you will receive two times of current mileage amount and you will get 1200 mileages on your every movie contents purchase and 240 mileages on every payment you make for TV contents. Please remember, this special mileage event is only applicable for purchases during the event period and mileage amount will be changed after the event.

We are all exhausted with this covid 19. Why don’t you stay home, enjoy movies and TV contents on KOK PLAY and grab this one-time-only opportunity to earn special mileages? Do not miss this chance and get as much mileage and mining opportunities as you want!

We want to thank our uses for using KOK PLAY contents, and KOK PLAY will always try our best to compensate what you have shown us.

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