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KOK Family, let us know your events!

Aside from the events opened by KOK Foundation, we are often delivered with exciting news of our KOK members opening events by themselves.

Recently, there was one event that started ‘KOK Nail Art Contest’ to express their identity as one of KOK Frontiers. There was also a substantial amount of reward on the event!

With a goal for our members to unite and lift your spirits, we want to send our full encouragement for those who creates these events. These will help our members to bond more which will ultimately be a firm foundation for KOK, so we fully support you with our gratitude on your efforts. We with that these event openings will flourish so that you can have more satisfactory KOK business experience.

If you want to advertise about your events, please contact us at KOK PLAY Customer service with details of your event! Don’t hesitate to reach out as we are prepared to provide you with global promotion. You can find more details through KOK PLAY Announcement.

KOK Foundation always roots for our KOK members to feel more joy and delight at the time of your businesses. As a matter of fact, we are currently on our way to devise a more variety of fun events so please send us your encouragement. We will be always trying our best to show the best results in this fall season.

KOK PLAY will not engage in any ways on your events besides advertisement.

Participating on events depends on individual's decision, and KOK PLAY do not take any legal responsibility on every issue stemming from these events.

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