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KOK Technical Report Part 4

This is the Technical report containing KOK MainNet development news and issue from September 1st to 15th.

[Technical Design Status]

KOK-Chain MainNet is studying transaction scenario learning in order to solve a various problems stemming within blockchain network. In order to handle the transactions of a specific DApp and Token in a short amount of time, we are currently studying concentration of KOK-Chain Transaction and our goal is to handle as much transaction as possible regardless of a specific time, domain, DApp and etc while decreasing the time of delay.

-Development Details-

1. Advanced AI learning of transaction pattern in process (20%)

2. Curve25519 function testing for KOK-Chain, Encryption (45%)

3. Behavior pattern of KOK-Chain, DApp users and AP Index measuring (35%)

4. P2P PeerDB Code Update & Testing (25%)

5. AI Designing for measuring GOS-BP(Group Of Symmetry – Block Producer) similarity (50%)

6. KDDK (KOK DApp Development Kit) NFT Support Design (65%)

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