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KOK Shopping Mall also added Mileage Event

You can now earn mileages also on KOK Shopping mall. For every purchase you make on shopping mall from now on, you can earn 50% mileages of the amount you purchased. We appreciate all the enthusiastic response from KOK PLAY users about our mileage events within movies and TV contents, so we decided to open another special mileage event also on KOK shopping mall to commemorate it.

For the Event product with 200% mileages, we have prepared a global innovative brand, Tefal, and the entire Event product will be marked “Event” on the front image. You can find event products on ‘Items for September’ category located on the front page. Please remember, this special mileage event is only applicable for purchases during the event period and mileage amount will be changed after the event. Please refer to the detail regarding this mileage event on [Announcement].

Please understand that the delivery of the shopping mall product is limited in Korea due to Corona19, and the delivery may be delayed in part due to the Chuseok holiday during the event period.

This your one and only chance to buy whatever you want at home and earn more mileages! Check our event product now on KOK PLAY shopping mall and earn as much mileages as you can!

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