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We wish you a happy Chuseok with KOK PLAY.

As we spent busy days this year due to Covid 19, it's already time for us to celebrate Chuseok.

We wish for every one of our frontiers who have supported us to spend a delightful and happy Chuseok.

CEO Kang Ji won of KOK Foundation with its continuous growth, has prepared a short speech to celebrate Chuseok for our frontiers.

Hello, KOK Frontiers.

This is KOK CEO Kang Ji won.

As we have gone through a lot of hardships, starting with Covid19 at the early this year,

it’s already time for us to celebrate Chuseok.

I sincerely wish all our frontiers to forget about worries and anxiety and spend a delightful time on this Chuseok.

We would like to throw a large party to thank our frontiers from all over the world, but unfortunately offline event will be unavailable because of Covid19.

KOK has started business on October, 2019 and soon to celebrate 1 year anniversary.

Instead, we are preparing to have an online conference during October.

While there are lots of anxiety all over the world, KOK will try our best to encourage and cheer you up.

We will be able to look back the past one year and plan for our next year.

And there will be a lot of surprises for you in the conference.
Happy Chuseok!

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