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Arumgames’ special treat for ‘Fantasy Town’ Game event of KOK Genesis Group

KOK Genesis Group has opened ‘Fantasy Town level-up Event’ on KOK PLAY. As the developer of Fantasy Town heard the news, they decided to willingly provide you a special treat on this Genesis Group Event!!! This is a tremendous event where you can earn maximum 1 MILLION WON worth of game coupon! More details of the events sponsored by Arumgames are as follows

<Sponsorship details from Arumgames on Fantasy Town>

Event Hosted by: KOK Genesis Group

Event Detail: Enjoy the fantasy game and upload the picture that verifies your level, with your ID and the picture of yourself. (The higher your level is the more possibilities for you to win the prize!)

Event termination date: October 5th, 2020. 5pm (Korean time)

Submit to: [email protected]


1 Grand award winner: 1,000,000 won worth of game item

1 Gold award winners: 300,000 won worth of game item

2 Silver award winners: 100,000 won worth of game item

3 Bronze award winners: 50,000 won worth of game item

10 Participation award winners: 30,000 won worth of game item

Announcement of Winners: October 7th, 2020

Coupon Grant date: October 10th, 2020

*Items will be granted to your mail box on the game directly from the game developer.

*Arumgames item sponsorship is only applied to KOK Genesis Group event.

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