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KOK Technical Report Part5

This is the Technical Report containing KOK MainNet development news and issue from September 16th to 30th.

[Technical Design Status]

KOK-Chain MainNet is going through AI training advancement phase. Especially, this is to solve the problems stemming when various DApps are operated on KOK-Chain, such as infinite pending issue, double payment issue and so on. By AI learning, KOK-Chain can rapidly discover problems about various factors that affects KOK ecosystem, and will eventually diminish time so that we can examine solutions on those issues.

-Development Details-

1. Transaction termination code update to prevent infinite pending issue (5%)

2. Learning scenario pattern for token issuance through AI (20%)

3. Developing DPoSS structure modular (35%)

4. Developing KOK Platform upgrade (33%)

5. Testing for KOK Platform, DApp NFT supported AI learning (20%)

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