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KOK PLAY, Webtoon contents OPEN!

KOK PLAY has decided to open webtoon contents, moving one step forward on our journey to create a variety of contents on our platform.

Webtoon industry has now reached more than 850 million dollars, advancing toward the world and leading the Korean wave as a mainstream content. Webtoon industry will be showing an endless growth to expand itself on other various forms of contents such as dramas, movies, games, and etc through IP. Along with this growth, KOK PLAY has decided to add webtoon contents!

KOK PLAY will be servicing various genres of webtoon; romance, thriller, action, comedy and etc and currently there will be 5 pieces available on KOK PLAY. You can enjoy some of renowned webtoons, from the romance story of a boy who has a history of domestic abuse and a studious girl who tries to help him, and the story of a psychopath serial killer who murders women in Seoul city. There will be different webtoon updated every week. We are planning to service more webtoons in the near future, so please show us your huge interest on our new contents.

Webtoon service will be launched from October 7th, and every 3 episodes of all pieces will be available with no charge. After 3 episodes, you could access the webtoon with 1 KOK for rental ticket, and 3 KOK for possession ticket. Our webtoon service will be provided in three languages; Korean, Chinese, and English, so please refer to this in your future use.

On KOK PLAY webtoon service, we will open a variety of events for our users to enjoy contents, so we will look forward to your participation!

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